Honda is a Japanese conglomerate that specializes in manufacturing automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, electric generators, water pumps, lawn and garden equipment, rotary tillers, outboard motors, robotics, jet aircraft, jet engines, thin-film solar cells, and internavi (telematics). The company has a list of subsidiaries through which they market their products. Visiting Car service reviews websites could help in providing you with all the necessary information about Honda.

History of Honda Automobiles

Honda started as an automotive manufacturing company in 1963, with the first release of Honda T360, a car built for the Japanese Market. Today Honda has a vast range of modern cars in its stock with different functionalities and for different categories of people.

Current Honda Car Models

Several car outlets such as Kemimoto and others offer different models of Honda automobiles in the market. Some of the current car models released by Honda include:


Released …