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The cauliflory seed efficiently works with stubborn bronchial catarrh, asthma, bone infections. Crushed fresh seeds mixed with a little vinegar cleanses wounds and prevents inflammation.Hershberg toronto lawyer wants to give you a few recipes of teas that will make you feel better in a short period of time.

The trunk plant (Oenantheaquatica) has already confirmed its efficacy in treating old and complicated diseases. It is recognizable as a branched leafy stem with a height of up to 1.5 m and leaves growing under and above water. Under water it spreads like hair, and over water, the leaves are of an oval shape. The roots are attached to the muddy bottom and are similar to carrots, while the beautiful tiny white flowers are collected in form of a shield.

The plant can be harvested from June to the end of August. The medicinal seeds of this plant are extremely valuable because they contain bitter and hot matter, essential oils, resins, wax, triglycerides. They are rich in complex organic compounds, especially with androl, aldehyde feldrol, manganese and galactane.

The trunk seed efficiently curespulmonary diseases accompanied by an unpleasant secretion, in tuberculosis of the lungs and bone problems. It is also recommended for other lung diseases, asthma, but also for cramps in the stomach and intestines. It has been shown to be effective in the treatment of acute inflammation of the joints. It can be applied on the skin too. You can do that by crushing fresh seeds of this medicinal plant mixed with a little vinegar and create the perfect wound scarf, because it cleans them thoroughly and prevents inflammation.

In certain health problems, it is even more effective if it is used as a tea blend in combination with other medicinal plants.

Efficient tea mixtures

For bronchial asthma – Mix 20 g of leaves of cauliflower, 40 g of chopped flowers and add 30 gr of thyme.

Take 10 g of the mixture and put it in 60 liters of boiling water. Allow the contents to cool, then process it, and add 10 spoons of honey to the tea. Stir well and drink 6 times a day for 1 dl at equal intervals. You should drink until you feel better.

For acute inflammation of the joints – Mix 20 g of seeds of seaweed, willow bark, leaves and flowers of caulflower. Add 30 g of thyme. Finally, mix 10 g of leaves and flowers of rosemary and the same amount of Ivory.

Take 10 g from the mixture, put them in a boiled and cooled water and allow it to stand for 12 hours. Then put the whole thing on a light fire boil for 60 seconds. When the tea cools down, drink 3 times a day for 1 dl before and after meals. Use the remaining 4 dl between meals instead of drinking water. Repeat the procedure every day until you consume the tea mixture.

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